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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find the answers to all of life's questions, you've come to the right place.

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a mobile app that leads you through unique selections of cultural sites by engaging you with a story experience we like to call an interactive audio adventure. Why you ask? Because it's so much shorter to say.

How are stops selected on a story?

Our mission is to find unexpected topics and ideas that intrigue and delight you. Odyssey stops are carefully selected because their unique facts and history are part of the story we want to share; never because stops are convenient or easy to reach. What can we say... we love doing the hard things.

How is an interactive audio adventure made?

Storytellers, narrators, and sound designers shape the facts and information about a place into an audio story.

Designers and technologists create in-app interactions that allow you to share your ideas, save virtual mementos, and even add content to the story for others to discover.

You bring everything to life through your interactions and by physically exploring the featured stops along the story.

Where is Odyssey available?

We are currently developing on Oahu, Hawaii and branching to outer-islands shortly after.
Tell us where you would like to see Odyssey next.

Is Odyssey free?

We're currently free during our beta release. Please sign up today to take an adventure of a lifetime.

Do I need internet/data to use Odyssey?

As with everything else in life, internet connectivity makes it better. Seriously, GPS alone leaves you at the mercy of satellite positioning, is unavailable indoors, and you have to download all media beforehand.

May I use an Android or iOS device?

Yes, you may! Available first as an Android App on the Play Store, followed by iOS on the App Store.

What languages is Odyssey available in?

With stories currently offered in English, and with Japanese and Mandarin - Chinese stories planned, we'll have 30% of the world covered.

What languages would you like to see used?