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General FAQ

Odyssey is a mobile app that leads you through unique selections of cultural sites by engaging you with a story experience we like to call an interactive audio adventure. Why you ask? Because it's so much shorter to say.

We are currently developing on Oahu, Hawaii and branching to outer-islands shortly after.

Tell us where you would like to see Odyssey next.

We're currently free during our beta release. Please download us today to take an adventure of a lifetime.

Using Odyssey

After purchasing an Odyssey, follow the instructions in the App to start your adventure.
As with everything else in life, Internet connectivity makes it better. Seriously, GPS alone leaves you at the mercy of satellite positioning, is unavailable indoors, and you have to download all media beforehand.


We're so sorry that you want a refund, and we hate to see you go. If you feel that you'd like a refund, please do reach out to us and we'll work to get you your money back, ASAP!
If this FAQ doesn't provide a solution to a problem or question you have, feel free to email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!